[special_heading title=”“Hey Baby Come and Light My Fire“…” subtitle=”It’s time to REIGNITE your INNER FIRE.
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Do you remember when you felt TRULY ALIVE, when you had a sense of
That was your INNER FIRE and it was burning BABY and it can again!


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My work is focused on enabling a journey of self-study and personal empowerment that leads to an increase in ease and a decrease in life’s old discomforts. I can’t do anything ‘for’ you or ‘to’ you but we can work together to help you feel the best possible.

I have experienced such incredible expansion and renewed ease in my life since embodying some pretty simple and innate communication strategies and now I am driven to share that potential with as many people as possible, because it FEELS SO GOOD to FEEL GOOD!

I have some certifications and qualifications, but if you want to know more about me and find out what I think qualifies me to do this work

I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I’m also certified in Hypno-Therapy and Mental Emotional Release technique and I’ll be a life-long student life-long student and practitioner of Non-Violent Communication and Reiki.

I’m Georgea and I believe (and I mean REALLY BELIEVE WITH CONVICTION) that we ALL have some amazing gifts that are just waiting to burst out of us. Sometimes along the way to adulthood we forget who we are, we lose this special connection to MAGIC that is within us all and then we get….BORING and SAD…..sad and boring, adulting… I am here on a MISSION. My mission is to REIGNITE YOUR MAGIC, to REMIND you of WHO YOU REALLY ARE and show the BEAUTY inside you that you have forgotten, it’s in there, it’s in all of us and sometimes ‘we all just need a little help from our friends,’ so take a look around the site and let’s start this journey back into AWESOMENESS TODAY!