Gratitude Challenge Day 3

I’m grateful for a beautiful and active day spent with my family.  For spending time at the beach and getting to see our daughter run around gleefully chasing seagulls, crazily digging holes in the sand and quietly trying to make new friends. Such a precious little creature.  I’m grateful for decaf soy lattes from Starbucks that are sweet and delicious and wonderfully disgusting. I’m grateful for feeling spoiled and super indulgent and also eating a DQ Blizzard and not feeling guilty about a day filled with junky snacks at all. Beach days, marina walks, boat days on pristine white sandy beaches, 80 degrees in March, wake surfing…its easy to complain about where we live, it’s also easy to see it as pretty freaking wonderful!

I’m feeling blessed and full of joy and I bet it has something to do with being so grateful. I’m liking this challenge.

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