Gratitude Challenge Day 5, 6 and 7

I’ve been traveling and don’t have my computer on me so posting my gratitude is slightly more tricky than usual. I have been keeping up with it daily though and am very happy with my own commitment the challenge. It’s such a simple task and really takes no time out of your day, but that is exactly why it can easily be passed by, so sticking to it is definitely a new progression for me.


Tomorrow I’ll be travelling back to my ‘home-town,’ just little girl and I for some girl-time adventures. Right now I’m grateful for lists that let my mind rest knowing that I’ve already thought about it

….It seems my internet crashed the night I was posting this and the post did not get saved before I closed down my computer. I copied it on my desktop and will update it when reunited with my PC.  Bummer ’cause this was a good day and the gratitude was pretty much flowing endlessly.


Today I’m grateful for a seamless journey to NM and an awesome 1.5 year old travel companion who surprised me with her travel stamina and maturity. For zero tantrums or meltdowns and a comfortable integration into life at Grammy’s. For warm welcomes filled with consideration and all my favorite things. For fluffy down blankets and the crisp smell of New Mexican air.  I’m grateful to recognize that this place will forever feel like ‘home’ , even as I become more and more detached returning here always brings me home….


Today I’m grateful for New Mexican food! Runny eggs over a tortilla with beans and potatoes all covered in chile. Yum! I’m grateful for my mom’s cozy house and this Down blanket once again. For feeling closer to someone I felt far from and for getting to sleep in a big bed all by myself.

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