Gratitude Challenge Day 8-14

DAY 8: (Aprl 2)

Today I am grateful for a better night of sleep and the hopeful prospect of another full night of sleep tonight…fingers crossed =). I’m grateful for visits from lifelong friends, for the conversations you can only have with someone you have shared a lifetime with, for watching our kiddos play together and share in motherhood along with all the rest of our adventures together. I’m grateful for this special friend and for how much our friendship has shaped my life. I’m grateful for fresh and delicious salads and hot creamy coffee.

DAY 9: (April 3)

I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness a child’s love for her grandmother. I’m grateful to have enjoyed a delicious meal in the company of my closest friend sans kiddos and for feeling a sense of belonging and community even in  a place I left long ago. Im grateful for my partnership, that the strength in our relationship affords us each the freedom to travel and explore without doubt or question. I’m grateful for the amazing blessing that is my daughter and for the second one that is growing inside me.

DAY 10:  (April 4)

DAY 11: (April 5)

DAY 12: (Aril 6)

Today I’m very grateful for long baby naps and easier bed times, for solo shopping excursions without rushing or stressing about needing to get back, for dinners out with old friends, for old friends and our lasting bond – such a blessing to share half your life with someone and still love them. For ‘catching up’, but feeling like you haven’t missed a beat, for baby laughs and funny dance moves and play dates including dads, for new friends and lunches outside while kids run freely outside, for the perfect day.

DAY 13: (April 7)

Today has been challenging and gratitude is harder to come by…small challenges, but not as easy breezy as other days. But still I’m grateful for late night clarity that allows me to feel grateful even through extreme tiredness and frustration. I’m grateful for tiny baby arms wrapped around my neck while she sleeps  (even though that means I don’t get to sleep). I’m grateful for forgiveness and the virtue of apologies. I’m grateful for life-long friendships that endure time and distance and pick up after absence like no time together has even been missed.

DAY 14: (April 8)

I’m grateful for green chile, for my mom’s green chile stew to be precise and eggs of course. I’m grateful for a bit of quiet time to catch up on this blog and knowing that I have a cute cuddly sleep companion in my bed waiting for me. I’m grateful for new friendships in old places, for shared interests and for old friends resurfacing.


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