What’s Cooking Good Looking?

So what have you been up to this past week little miss cookin’ lady?..

This is how speak to myself in my head, you get first-row access to my whirlwind of thoughts.

I had a decent week in the kitchen and definitely felt more on my game than the week prior, when I apparently thought I could run before I could walk and dove head first into French Pastry making. I did have some successes, mostly a lot of things that needed work, but overall I came out of it feeling like I have developed significantly as a chef to even think I could take on eclairs and fruit tarts back to back without the bat of an eye. Clearly I was over-confident, but I did manage to redeem myself and will soon reface the challenge that is patisserie.

But that all feels like the distant past now and  I didn’t write about it then, so on to more recent kitchen capers.

This was a short week because Monday was a public holiday and Tuesday I was lazy…That left a 3 day week


Crispy Baked Wonton Shells Filled with Zesty Guacamole 

These are a breeze to make and have proven to be a crows pleaser. Recipe soon to come… 

Breakfast Biscuits Two Ways

Sweet pumpkin spiced french toast biscuits and Savory baked eggs with Jarlsberg cheese, smoked turkey and Black Forrest ham with a touch of thyme and of course (if you know me at all…) Truffle OIL!

I woke up at 6:30 and had these completely cooled and plated for service by 8:00 am with time to spare. I cheated by buying those cheeky (and disgustingly wonderful) Pillsbury pop-tin biscuits. With proper prep and a child that doesn’t keep you up all night one could achieve these 100% from scratch pretty easily, but as a time saver these came out absolutely wonderful as is and I don’t think anybody could tell it was not all homemade.  Recipe to come…


Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon on German Rye Crostinis with Wasabi Cream Cheese Nutty Carrot Cupcakes with Candied Ginger Cream Cheese Icing 

The salmon crostinis are a staple on my snack rotation, they are simple, elegant and who doesn’t like salmon and cream cheese? I often play around with varying cream cheese flavors but I have to say I think this wasabi version is one of my favorites. I have been eating Bagels with wasabi cream cheese and fried eggs for breakfast non-stop.  It’s become a bit of a problem, actually, and I’ll be very pleased when I’ve used up all that delectable cream cheese so I can STOP putting it on everything.

The cupcakes were my prize showing this week and continue to please me now as I think about sweet gingery cream cheese icing…clearly I have a cream cheese problem. Carrot cake is MY FAVORITE sort of cake ON EARTH, and these moist orange biteletts did the name justice.

If any one knows Lola’s cupmakingcupcakeswithlolacake carts in London and has tried their carrot cupcakes, they are a little morsel of joy in shimmery wrapper indeed. I have been hunting for a good carrot cake recipe and have tried a few before landing this one from, you guessed it. My version was nowhere near as delightful as theirs, I was missing a few things and had to wing it on some substitutions, but still in my opinion one of the best carrot cake recipes I have made. I will continue to improve upon it and let you know how it comes along.

I had to improvise on the icing because I suddenly discovered I didn’t have enough icing (confectioners) sugar (GASP) to firm up my creamy bliss. I was looking for something to throw in their to save my blunder and found a bag of candied ginger I had bought a while back. I whizzed some up in the food processor and added it to my icing along with some regular old sugar and the result was glossy, firm, icing bliss with a touch of sweet ginger.

Recipe soon to come


So that is what I have been up to. I must now go forth into the world and cook…

A blessed week to ALL! =)

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