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So what is this crazy blog about anyway?

It started as a food blog, but that never happened. Over the past few years I have attempted to start several blogs. Some burning new passion would fill me, cooking or mothering, spirituality – who knows – but I would go gung-ho feeling compelled to share this new joy of mine with the world. Each time I would write one or two posts and quickly loose interest, not so much in the topic, but in writing about it. I had a need, an aching desire to share my writing and the idea that this writing had to be about something, one thing, the blog had to be about ONE THING.  The problem is, I’m not just about one thing. I’m a human and I am many things. Today I am a bad-ass bread baker, tomorrow I may be a lazy-beach-layer and five minutes later (or even at the same time) I’m probably also being a momma.

Most recently my passion and focus has been in the kitchen and so I thought it was finally time to showcase my food pics and craft to the world. Too bad writing about food, recipes specifically, or how you make them is BORING. I don’t even read the blog part of food blogs, I just scroll straight down to the recipe. Damn you people that leave incredibly important tidbits nestled in-between those beautiful photos and all that copy.  You are the reason my scones never come out.

Digression aside, the food blog thing never happened and I was feeling terribly guilty about starting and not finishing yet another project, so I sat down to try and do something to it that didn’t involve messing with the logo for an hour. Low and behold I ended up surfing the web instead….Luckily this surf was quite successful. I googled, ‘what to do with my life.’ And some incredible genius writer/blogger guy out there just spoke to my soul! True story, bogus as it sounds.  Sadly this is not the first time I have googled this query or something similar, most often while on the toilet pretending to be constipated so that I get a break from being a bad-ass, got-it-all-together  mom….(shhhhh), but never has this search resulted in such a successful find. So thank you, Mark Manson for doing some awesome work marketing your site and enabling me to find it, thus allowing me to now babble on for ever in public forum without a care in the world.

http://markmanson.net/life-purpose – this little nugget of humorous wisdom put a fire under my ass and wind below my wings.  This post reminded me that I should do things because I love them, not because they will make me rich, or make me a better person, or because they will or wont be successful, but to do the things I love just because I love doing them and fuck the rest. I LOVE writing, all my life it has been my go-to when Im bored, stressed, sad , whatever – writing was my vehicle to processing and a form of meditation. Somewhere along the way as I became a paid writer this joy and freedom in poem and prose left me and writing had to have a point, I needed a brief to write anything. Heck, if I wanted to process my own emotions in a journal entry I would need to write a brief to myself explaining the desired outcome. Writing lost its magic and with it I lost a major vehicle towards self exploration and awareness.

This blog, this project is an attempt to renew my passion for the written word and to regain this internal self of perspective. I hope that by doing so I will find myself happier, clearer, able to make better and more conscious decisions about my future and ultimately to be more fulfilled, not fulfilled BY anything…but just to be more fulfilled living and breathing as me.

THE PROJECT: Write one post everyday about something, anything and POST IT. That’s it. The post can be long or short it just has to be written and it has to go live, every day.

THE OBJECTIVE: To renew my passion for writing, to inspire creativity in other aspects of my life and perhaps if it ever gets there to inspire other people to do what they love just for the sake of doing it.

There is my brief and before you lay the pages of my heart…